How singing can improve your voiceover

Singing regularly is a fantastic way to improve your speaking voice and the advantages for voice actors shouldn’t be underestimated! Speaking and singing require good control of the breath, the vocal folds and the muscles of articulation. Exercising your voice doesn’t have to be about set vocal warmups. Singing along to whatever comes on theContinue reading “How singing can improve your voiceover”

Why a great mic plus a great voice don’t equal a great recording

Ask anyone to list the most important things for a successful voiceover artist, and most people will put voice and a professional mic near the top. Clearly these are great assets, but there is one thing that’s even more important – your recording space. There are indeed some “industry standard” mics, but if your spaceContinue reading “Why a great mic plus a great voice don’t equal a great recording”

Surmounting the North-South accent divide

I’ve never considered myself one for accents and impressions. I grew up with a mixed influence – starting life in a small, nicely spoken Buckinghamshire village before spending my most influential years at a somewhat less well-spoken school near Slough, yet still sounding slightly ‘posh’ at university in the Midlands. The majority of my voiceoverContinue reading “Surmounting the North-South accent divide”


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