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Michele Wood Voiceover with Professional home studio - recording equipment used by voice over actors

Friendly, sincere, reliable British female voiceover artist

Top quality voice over recordings for corporate videos, eLearning, product explainers, healthcare training and much more. Working from my own pro studio, most jobs are returned within 48 hours.

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all” ~ Arvo Pärt

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“Beautifully crafted words have the power to captivate the mind of anybody” ~ Sam Veda

Why hire a professional voice over artist?

image of ear with soundwaves to depict hearing - listening to an engaging voice

Listener engagement
Whether you’re creating an e-learning course or showcasing your latest offers, you need listeners to be engaged until the end. A voice over actor is trained to use the elements of speech – pitch, pace, prosody, emphasis – to sound natural and stop listeners tuning out.

person teaching at blackboard - indicating education

Get your message across
You may have important information to share with clients, staff, and other industry partners at a conference or event. You want to talk to people – not at them – and a professional yet conversational tone will help to spread your message far and wide.

telephone receiver - image to depict voicemail message recordings

Dont leave me hanging on the…
There’s always a time when you can’t get to the phone, so use it to your advantage! Welcome callers with a friendly voice, let them know you’ll be with them soon and tell them about a special offer while they wait. It may just lead to another sale! 

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