How voiceover can make your small business sparkle

The term ‘Voiceover’ can conjure up images of cheesy commercials and OTT radio announcements. But for those unfamiliar with the world of voiceover, it extends much further and may be a valuable tool to help a small business to stand out – to catch and retain the attention of new clients.

If you’ve started a small business you already know how much effort goes into building up a sustained customer base. There are numerous marketing strategies and an ever-growing number of online platforms to get your head around. And in the modern world, interacting with customers with a short attention span means you need to engage – fast. And this is where adding a voiceover comes in.

Voiceovers make a valuable addition to Business explainer videos; Product demos; Step by step “how-to” videos; Marketing videos; Telephony systems; Branding and much more!

How a professional Voiceover can help your business

  • With a short space of time to get a marketing message across, the voice needs to be instantly engaging without sounding pushy
  • To maximise understanding, a step by step explainer video requires information to be presented clearly, but in a friendly and relatable way 
  • Your on-hold messaging must keep potential customers interested so they don’t zone-out while you explain your new product (or worse, hang up!)
  • A cartoon-style corporate animation can be made memorable with a fun, upbeat character voice
  • A distinctive voice adds power to a branding slogan, making it instantly recognisable in any online content you post

Why not use an artificial voice?

A.I. voices are becoming ever more sophisticated and ‘real’ sounding but as Maya Angelou said: “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.” 

There’s an art to using the voice successfully to convey information (hence the term Voiceover Artist) so check that the person you choose not only has good demos and a “nice” voice, but has been professionally trained to deliver something that helps you retain and grow your client base. 

Working with a voice artist

It’s not hard to get started – once you have your script ready and an idea of your budget, a Voiceover Artist will give you a quote and record a free sample to help you choose the right person. There’s no obligation!! Auditioning is part of the job and we don’t take offence if you choose someone else – in fact, we sometimes recommend other voices that might be more suitable for what you need.

Is it cheap to hire a professional Voice Artist? No. Is it affordable? Yes. And if you need your business to stand out from the crowd, using the power of the human voice might just be an investment you can’t afford to miss!

To learn more about Voiceover check out my FAQs

 Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash